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I came upon this glorious moment when I was drawn to the East by the captivating orange glow. I wanted my kayak so that I may follow the sun and head east. At Birch State Park, there are kayak rentals for the ocean and beautiful lagoon inside park. Fort Lauderdale has several scenic Kayak Touring adventures.

Wilton Manors is considered the Island City. It is surrounded by one continuous waterway that loops for a distance just over 7 miles. Susan owns the concession at the Richardson Estate in the center of town on a beautiful stretch of the Middle River.

Kayak South Florida



Kayak South Florida

Three Kayaks and a Dock

Colleen owns the concession at Oleta State Park.
Visit Kayak Fort Lauderdale Let’s Paddle Up!

…and check out the Florida Everglades here

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  1. Hola mi nombre es Jorge y pertenezco al grupo de ecoturismo del Via Parque isla de Salamanca, actualmente vivo en miami fl, y me gustaria saber de las actividades que ustedes tienen aca en Florida especificamente ya que esta parte de la geografia estadounense se parece mucho a la de Colombia.
    Mil gracias y espero informacion a mi correo electronico

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