Let’s Go!

Focal Length:21.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Welcome to the EcoTourUSA blog for the best eco-touring experience in this great nation! Let’s start with Sunrise at Sunrise Boulevard and A1A Fort Lauderdale. South Florida is hot on the eco trail for the right outdoor experience.
This day started when I noticed an orange glow emanating from the eastern sky. I quickly ran inside, got my camera and jumped in my car for the beach…1.5 miles east.

Imagine. This is what I came upon. Amazingly, the traffic along A1A and E. Sunrise Boulevard became instantly captivated by the scene and pulled over, as well. We were enamored by the magnificent glow of the golden sun. And, then the gulls flew by…

This unique experience can be yours.

East Sunrise Boulevard

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